Hi, I’m Michelle Williams.

As a Lifestyle Guide, I support women ready to reimagine their future by creating relationship alignment, financial empowerment, and personal well-being. Through authenticity and alignment, Pink Balloon clients are supported in creating the richly rewarding life they envision. I work with clients through guided online courses and private consulting.


A beautiful new life awaits you but not without doing the work to clear out the old and create the new you – happy, healthy and balanced.


Reimagine Your Life

Learn how to reimagine your life and create the richly rewarding future you deserve. A healthy new normal is a journey of transformation through alignment and empowerment that results in well-being. As we move forward, we can be surprised by the enormity of conflicting emotions, changes in our relationships, and our new web of financial considerations.

Creating the life we envision is a challenging process requiring us to be mindful of our choices and who we allow to influence us. A valued thinking partner and lifestyle guide can support your journey. A life reimagined ignites our spirit and, we rise. Who are you now? Where do you want to be? One step at a time, you can get there!

Pink Balloon U.

Pink Balloon U. – Guided Online Group Courses – Coming Soon

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Relationship Rules of the Road

Learn How to Get Out of Relationship Struggles and Onto the Road to Happiness

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Financial Empowerment for Women

A Holistic Approach to Mapping Your Money Story and Creating Financial Well-Being

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Personal Well-Being

Create the Life You Want with Strategies for Personal Reinvention and New Possibilities


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About Michelle

Through a diverse career as a tenured educator, wealth manager, and life coach, Pink Balloon is the passionate result of my experience, training, and research over the last 25 years. Bringing my teacher’s heart to women’s wealth and well-being, I became particularly interested in the intersection where peace and joy are found with female empowerment and lifestyle alignment. This is my purpose, and I created this role for myself as a Lifestyle Guide to support clients as they find the courage and the faith to rise into a richer life.


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